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Live Events

We stage everything from Tables and chairs to Fog Machines, Lights,Launchers

and more...

Strategy & Concept


Endless Entertainment has all your wedding rental needs. Dance on the Clouds, Additional Spotlights, Cold Spark Waterfalls and so much more...

Corporate Events

Want to leave an impression. Endless Entertainment rentals will give your event the Wow Factor.

Music Services

Endless Entertainment Rentals, We bring the Music to you.


360 Photo booths, Money Machines, Spinning Sparks, Dancefloors, Vip Vehicles and so much more...


Wedding & Reception Services

Leave your guests speechless with our 360 photo booth Let your imagination soar, as there are no limitations to how intricate and extravagant you want the footage to be.  It is truly an experience unlike any other that your guests will be raving about for the years to come. .Presentation is key, and an appealing ambiance is essential to your event’s success. It’s the subtle details that make the biggest difference, and lighting is an important element that should not be overlooked. With our uplighting, we are able to completely transform a blank space into a breathtaking atmosphere by highlighting objects or certain parts of the room.


Live Event
Party & Music Services

Endless Entertainment has a vast collection of music clean, edited and party ready! We have the experience and knowledge base to read your crowd, select and play the right music. We will meet with you, to pre-plan and work out the details of your event. We will keep your party alive and moving with nonstop, adrenaline pumping mixes, games and line dances taught by us (as requested) . We are professional, polite, punctual and willing to work with you, your vendors and your planners.

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